MUSE || Noëlle

Meet the beauty with the sweetest of hearts, the vegan'ist of vegans and simply the best of the best. 

You can't help but smile when she's around and she's everything we love about a Nette Rose babe.

What does your average Sunday look like?

"me waking up at the crack of dawn without wanting to, some sort of large family lunch and if possible a lie by the pool, followed by frantic packing and driving back to Cape Town to settle in for the week and probably finish some assignments..."

- baby studies a BSC in Genetics, Biochemistry and Applied Statistics. #youdoyoucleverboo!

"Not many people know that deep inside (not even that deep) I'm actually a little old lady with my cats,  my knitting, my going to bed early always, etc. Even though I'm super liberal and if you talk to me about feminism be prepared.

But almost everything that I have, that needed a cover of some sort, now has a knitted version. so yeah, I'm like a hip granny. (haha)"

Favourite street and favourite place to eat?

Obz, Cape Town,

"Would have to be the Plant Cafe, which is my favourite because firstly I can order everything on the menu which is like a dream for me.

and also they are really friendly and its nearby, AND ALSO cause its right next door to my favourite record shop // if I ever have free time thats where I go.

On the other side of the street it has really cool second hand shops, so it's pretty much like my favourite area in town.

Another great place to eat would be the Granger Bay Market its like the best for vegan food, they really good with vegan and fresh produce, it's just such a nice place to go on the weekend... That part of town the weather is always amazing."

Tell us a bit about your lovers, be them furry or not?

My lovers are all somewhat furry, Jude and I (the ginger kitty) have an intense love affair, but I am allergic to him so it's pretty complicated...

Byron is also relatively furry...

Other less furry lovers include Salvador Dali, John Steinbeck and Twenty One Pilots


Looking in from the outside, although she doesn't study art it's no secret that Noëlle has a seriously dreamy skill and passion // and in our favourite media too, water colour. 

we captured an image which explains just that.. 

"The paintings, were actually painted by Jules mom, my Step granny, my granny. She painted like crazy and after she died she gave all of her watercolour materials to me ... it's crazy its so much, and its pretty much the reason I still paint, I need to carry on, use it all and make it pretty, aspire to be as good as her because I probably won't ever be (haha)

So it's in the family"


"My two favourite ways to wear bralettes, either sticking out of a horrendously oversized button shirt or shining through my feminism T-shirt. "



Nette Rose