Ok babes, I have just gone online to purchase my dream bralette and I see it is sold out? oh heeelll no, please tell me she is coming back in stock haha (nervous laugh)

Haha (Nervous laugh) 

Hey baby! We are so sorry but unfortunately she won't be coming back in stock :( All our designs are handmade in limited numbers and once sold out, they are gone for good.


I've left my gift to the last minute? hunny bun may murder me.

Heeyyyy baby we see you, and we're here for you!

You can purchase our gift cards here and choose the option to have it beautifully packaged or emailed.

How convenient right? we've got your last minute.com back covered. ;)



My back is broad, my boobs are small?

We’ve got you girl!

We have recently changed our sizing to allow you to cater to your perfect fit.

Because who said bralettes should only come in small, medium or large.


I am kind of sitting in Hawaii, but man I would really love this bra. 

Aloha babe! Ah, we're jealous!

Groovy news is we ship worldwide with delivery time between 2- 4 days + we accept all currencies through our online card payments, or if you are more of a PayPal babe, we accept that too.


All the love to Hawaii baby!


I would just really like to talk to someone about what size would be best, the level of comfy'ness I can expect, you know the usual chit-chat.

Hi babe!

We love to chat and help a fellow shopper out!

Pop us a mail here and we can talk all things fabulous.

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I am a talented person/company and I would love to collaborate?

COMMEEE TO US BABIES! Pop us a mail in the form above, we love to collaborate!



I do not have a credit card/can't pay online?

No problem babe! we have 3 payment options for you to choose from at checkout and one of them is an EFT/direct deposit + PayPal for our international babes.


Nette Rose as a gift?

We like the way you are thinking suga..

All our intimates are beautifully packaged in a lightly scented bag with no prices on the garments, so you can simply remove from the courier bag and voila!