Hey babe!

We’re here to help ~ check out our size chart below and please pop us a message if you get stuck or if you would prefer to chat to us, (because lets be honest sometimes you just want to chat through things because no one knows your size and body better than you. - we would love to assist!

Message us at hello@netterose.com

For the confused boyfriend, Husband, Partner, Girlfriend, non-binary babes, wife, sisters, best friends who are purchasing for their loves - this is where you can get your sneak on.

Check the label of their favourite bra and match it to our size below - if you are still unsure pop us a message and we’ll assist. a.k.a we’ll call them up and tell them they have been selected to partake in a random sizing census (jokes we hopefully won’t need to go that far, but for you, the world. We totally would go that far)

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