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Meeting Mishal

Beautiful Mishal, wearing Nette Rose
Photographed in Plantify, Cape Town

“That risk you are afraid to take, will change your life” 

& the life of others

'Because the beautiful trans elders who have come before us, helped light the way' ~ Mishal

Words by Mishal
'A fleeting reflection, who is that unrecognisable form? 
A memory of a person in motion
A changeling molecularly reconfiguring. 
Slowly melting and reforming. 
And yet perfectly still. 
Unmoving in the midst of the flux. 
An outward husk, a facade fortress.
Castle walls hide the endless cold fronts of others’ beliefs.
This outward husk softens, cracks, remoulds in a strange dance of ageing. 
An awkward second pubescence. 
Within the walls, the inner sanctum, an unchained unchanging knowing of self. 
A desire to just be. 
Seeking freedom from others’ normativity.
To be within the mundane of the everyday: sleep, eat, work, shit, repeat. 
Walking through my hall of mirrors, portals into long-dead lives.
The potentiality of the present and speculations of future selves.
The plurality of existence all within the being of now. 
Learning, unlearning, consuming, producing. 
The search for authenticity.
This castle used to float alone in a mist of its own making. 
To escape the world around it.
Amongst the clouds it thought it was free.
Free to condense the clouds into tears of loneliness.
Clearing away the vapours of delusion.
I add rocks to the foundations of the floating fortress.
A tangled bank. Grounding connection.
The core roots. Merged to the mycelium. 
We are never alone. 
Unless we choose to be. 
Not random ramblings, 
Or fantastical daydreams, 
Yet feeling selfish and unworthy
Just hoping that at least one is touched by my journey, 
through its sharing. 
Just a human, being.
“It’s your story babe, feel free to hit em with a plot twist whenever you want"
“There are all sorts of people telling us what to do, when really all we need is space to work out who to be.”


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