How is my order packaged? 


Ooh la la – packaging is our favourite thing! 

Your order will arrive in a DHL flyer ~ so it is totally discreet if you are having it delivered at work and you don’t really feel like sharing the fact that you decided to treat yourself or your lover to some lacies.


Your intimates are lovingly packaged inside one of our delicately scented boxes + we add a little handwritten note onto our postcards to say that you rock and that we love you. ~ if you are purchasing for a friend, lover etc and would like to include your own personal message, there is a section for you to write it in during the check out process. 

*There are no invoices or prices inside of the Nette Rose box.

All our packaging elements are made locally only a short drive from our studio with equal amounts of love and care. 

Are you a babe who is going towards a zero waste lifestyle? – we feel you!

We have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that the packaging we use and have created is made gently.

With our boxes being made to a meticulous standard we hope you will keep it for months or maybe years storing your precious things, whether it is, lingerie, jewellery, paint brushes or special photographs.


Or perhaps poke some holes and grow yourself some plants!

Always feel free to request minimal to no packaging if you would prefer the bare minimum with your order. We respect your journey babe! :)


Do you ship worldwide?

To your door honey.  Wherever you happen to be on this beautiful planet we all call home ~ we will ship there. 
We use DHL Express and you can read more details on our shipping policy here. x

My back is broad, my boobs are small?

We’ve got you girl!

We have recently changed our sizing to allow you to cater to your perfect fit.

Because who said bralettes should only come in small, medium or large.

Check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.

Where is my bralette made? Is it made ethically?  

Hey you gorgeous mindful shopper you, you are our favourite!

We are a small team that work in our studio which is nestled amongst mountains in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

We do everything in our studio, from pattern making to sampling, to production, right down to packaging your parcels and chatting to all you beauties!

Ethical production and creating a brand that has more substance to it, is what we're all about. 

You can read more here on Our StoryEthical Production

But for reals, we believe in production transparency, want to have a video tour of our studio? Pop us a message - want to meet the angel who is making your order? We'll introduce you to her. 


Do we sell Gift Cards? 

Yes baby! One of the best things to receive.  

We know it is not as personal as the actual product, but we also know that there are a lot of strong independent women out there that know exactly what they want and we all love a good dose of retail therapy that our friend or lover has paid for ;) 

You can shop our Gift Cards here

They will be emailed to you upon completion at checkout.

If you have a gift card and have an issue with your code, simply pop us a mail and we’ll help you out beautiful!


Our Gift Cards do not expire and are only valid on our website.

*all gift cards are final sale.


How do I look after my Nette Rose intimates? 

Cold wash please babes! Always best to hand wash, in luke warm to cold water with a natural soap. (happy bras + happy environment)

If you must put them in a washing machine – we see you gal on the go.


Can I exchange my Bra if it doesn’t fit? 

Yass honey, we got you.

~ Please check out our Care + Exchange section for more details.

But since you’re here, please have a good look at our size guide as exchanges can be costly for you and we would love to make sure you select your perfect size from the start.


I am a talented person/company and I would love to collaborate?


COMMEEE TO US BABIES! Pop us a mail here, we love to collaborate!


I would just really like to chat to someone about what size would be best for me, the level of comfy’ness I can expect, you know the usual chit-chat?

Hey honey!

We hear you, sometimes there is nothing better than just a quick chat to find out all you want to know. ~ you can email us at hello@netterose.com

We’d love to help you out so please get in touch! X