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Things we do differently

Buy a bralette ~ we'll plant a tree

 We're all about living that CO2 neutral life, we think mumma nature is an absolute babe, and we're on a mission to protect her.
For every bralette you purchase a beautiful little tree gets planted in Madagascar, an island off Africa that has stolen our hearts. This fully offsets all emissions of your purchase, from production to delivery. x
View our growing little forest here

Ethical Production

Because, its cool to care.
This is something that is so, so important and we are so proud to be able to tell you all about the angel babe who made your item, because she is sitting less than 20m away from the person who is writing this. (hi, hello 👋 )
We're a family here, everything from design, to pattern making, to production all happens under one roof.
We think this is pretty special, and we make sure to celebrate it!
You can read all about our production HERE

Our goal?

It is to have the happiest customers on the planet.
Customer service for us as a company is one of our most treasured and cared for aspects of our business. You will always, only ever speak to a real person, who will be a total babe. She will also most likely be called Nikki, and she will treat you like the absolute angel you are.
*we do just need to say, that we honestly have the best customers ~ you guys are surreal. Working with you all is a dream and we could literally cry at how lucky we are!

SO if you ever need to get hold of us, you can find us on our emails HERE or call us at +2760 902 0644 we love chatting over the phone, or you can pop us a whatsapp or slide into our Insta DMS ~ almost guaranteed you’ll get a voice-note instead of a text message #sorrynotsorry xx

We tell you that we love you!

In our own little way of course, or full on, straight to the point with the phrase “we love you”
But with each order that leaves our studio, we include a little handwritten card, to basically say something along the lines of:
That we think you are a total hottie, we love you, and maybe even ‘AHHH thank you so much for coming back to shop with us!’ (that is our personal fav!)
We also give your package a little spritz of something sweet smelling!
(but we also totes feel you if you prefer no scent and always welcome requests such as minimal packaging, no fragrance, etc ~ after all, we are here to make you the happiest honey you can be)

Your lingerie is made in the same country that lions & elephants live in and we think that is pretty cool ;)

We think that you live in a pretty cool place too though, which is why we will ship to literally wherever your cute bottom is sitting in the world. Like, to your door babes.
We’ve delivered to a hotel on a teeny tiny island in beautiful Germany, a farm in gorgeous Australia that was SO in the middle of nowhere that even when we google mapped it, we just saw rolling hills and a little dirt road + a town in magical Norway that only has 350 inhabitants (Ok this was one of our most exciting destinations ~ GIRL, we were so honoured!) 
Our point? We will make sure, no matter what, that it will be delivered to your door at the delicious flat rate of 16 or for free if your order is over 150.

We speak your language! 

Ok we lie. BUT google translate is our life saver, so technically we will speak your language it just might be a little broken from our side ;) 
But we'll still give ourselves A+ for effort.
We however, as a team are fluent in English, Xhosa, Sotho, Afrikaans, Tswana, Shona & Zulu. x 

If you ever have any questions hun, please pop us a message!
We would love to hear from you! xx
ALSO if you didn’t see a style you loved, or think that there is something missing on our site, or something you would like to see us create?
We would love to hear your ideas or what you are looking for ~ you can message us HERE

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